Exclusively from Kit Masters

A true FAIL-SAFE design

to get you home every time. 

Spring-engaged fan clutches are designed to fail in the engaged position in the case of a system air failure. But what happens when you run out of friction material? The fan clutch fails in the disengaged position.

Kit Masters’ patented Auto Lock feature will AUTOMATICALLY LOCK UP fan clutches when the friction material nears the end of its life, allowing the vehicle to finish its trip.

How it works


Auto Lock is now available on:

• GoldTop Rebuild Kits Kit part numbers: 14-25614-256-114-200

• GoldTop 2-Speed Rebuild Kits Kit part numbers: 24-25624-256-124-200

• GoldTop Remanufactured Fan Clutches

• K-Series Remanufactured Fan Clutches Part numbers: 8801X8805X