8800SKL / 8500SKL Instructions


  1. Remove clutch from hub by removing the 6 allen bolts. Line the access holes up with the allen bolts to remove the bolts. Apply air pressure to the clutch so the access holes can be aligned with the allen bolts. Once aligned, remove air pressure and the clutch will lock-up.
  2. The clutch will need to be compressed before any removing and installing any parts.
  3. To compress the clutch use 2 - 3/8”x3” bolts with a large flat washer over the access holes. Place the bolts opposite of each other and compress the clutch evenly. (see picture) Do not over compress.
  4. Remove the Cylinder Cap by removing the 5/16” Locknut, hold the Piston Rod Assembly (on the lining side) with a 5/8” open end wrench to loosen. Under the Cylinder Cap is the Seal Washer. Remove it.
  5. Remove the Dust Seal. (If the dust seal is blue, also remove the o-ring underneath it.)
  6. Remove the U-Packing Seal. (Make a note of how the U-Packing Seal was installed, the “U” is facing up as the clutch is placed, lining down).
  7. Remove the Coupling and the O-ring
  8. Remove the 3 retaining plates by removing the 6 lining screws.
  9. If the lining is free, remove it. If the lining is frozen, the clutch will need to be compressed a little more.



  1. Clean the Dust Seal groove, the U-Packing groove and the O-ring groove with a towel and solvent.
  2. Apply Lube to the white Dust Seal and install it into the Dust Seal groove. 
  3. Apply Lube to the U-Packing Seal and install it into the U-Packing groove. Be sure the “U” is facing up.
  4. Apply extra Lube to the exterior of both the U-Packing Seal and the Dust Seal after they are in place.
  5. Place the Seal Washer over the threads of the Piston Rod Assembly.
  6. Place the Cylinder Cap over the Seal Washer and use the 5/16” Locknut to secure.
  7. Torque the 5/16” Locknut to 84 Lbs-in (9.5 Newton Meters).
  8. If the Locknut is under tightened, an air leak may occur.
  9. If the Locknut is over tightened the rubber seal may be ineffective and an air leak may occur.
  10. Replace the lining, the 3 retaining plates and the 6 lining screws. Tighten to 30 lbs-in (3.4 Newton Meters)
  11. Apply Lube to the O-ring and place the O-ring in the groove.
  12. Replace the Coupling.
  13. Remove the compression bolts
  14. Bolt the clutch to the hub using the 6 bolts provided. Be sure the coupling mates with the Hub.



Picture of Compressing the clutch with two 3/8” x 3” bolts



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